Over forty years of experience…


Over forty years ago Wendy Keith was asked to mend a pair of men’s shooting stockings. She grimaced at the prospect. The given pair had shrunk in a 30% wash, and the wool had ‘matted’ – but the experience gave Wendy an idea. That idea has blossomed into a highly successful and creative business with satisfied clients all over the world for over 40 years. She began by sourcing a few hand-knitters who had knitted ‘sailors socks’ close to the dock-yards at sea -ports such as Gosport, during the Second World War. This took time and great patience to achieve the quality required by the perfectionist.

With an instinctive and deep love of the countryside Wendy has combined her flair for design, and her commercial experience, to become a market leader in the production of hand-knitted shooting stockings, accessories and other distinctive country knitwear with a choice of yarns such as wool/mix (machine wash) to the wonderfully sensuous ‘Hint of Cashmere’ Baby Alpaca Possum/Merino from New Zealand and Extra Fine Merino from Australia

Flying the British Flag

Not withstanding the temptation over the years to source abroad, Wendy always insisted that ‘Flying the British Flag’ is vital to the future of her business. In 2014, Wendy has again extended her British Organic Collections, and include Rare British Sheep Breeds. The Award for the Best Organic Collection at Olympia in 2010, was sourced with the kind permission of HRH the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, from their own organic Sheep at Highgrove Home Farm, Gloucestershire.

Spearheading a large and very talented team of expert, two and four-needle hand-knitters, and embroidery artists – all working from within the boundaries of Great Britain, Wendy and her administrative team produce knitwear of the very highest quality.

Her designs are to be found in the most prestigious shooting outlets and boutiques across the world. From James Purdey & Sons to Holland & Holland Ltd, William Evans to Cabbages and Roses, to name but a few.

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